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It’s easy, and you don’t have to fill out piles of application papers and send them to us in the mail. All you have to do is log on and search for IRS positions online through USAJOBS — any time of day. Or, we can even do your job search for you — just create a search agent for positions that match your qualifications. We’ll email you with notices of new IRS vacancies.

When Will You Know if You’re Hired?

The answer varies with each vacancy we post. It depends on how many candidates have applied for the position, and how long we need to finish processing application ratings and candidate assessments. But once we’ve made our decision — no matter if you’ve been determined qualified or not qualified for the position — we will mail you a letter indicating your status.

Can’t Wait to Hear From Us?

Feel free to contact us about your status. However, because of the time involved in our decision-making process, we highly recommend you wait for a few weeks to pass after the closing date stated on your vacancy announcement. And, when you do contact us, be prepared by having the vacancy announcement number available. By keeping a copy of every vacancy announcement to which you apply, you will always have all the information you need to follow up on it.

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This page was last updated on January 23, 2012.

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