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Step up to a Leadership Role on a Finely Tuned Level

Here is your opportunity to bring about meaningful change by serving your country and working in an organization that affects every American citizen, business, and corporation. Whether you currently hold a position in business, industry, state or local government, academe, or another field of endeavor in the public or private sector, you can participate in decision-making at the highest levels of the Internal Revenue Service. This opportunity exists for individuals with a wide variety of leadership skills and technical expertise.

Join Us in the IRS SES Candidate Development Program

The SES Candidate Development Program (CDP) is the principal means by which we seek to identify, train, and hire our career executives. The essential purpose of this program is to identify outstanding individuals with demonstrated leadership competencies and prepare them for senior executive positions. The duration of the CDP is one-to-two years and includes formal training and individual developmental assignments.

Graduates of the CDP may qualify for review and consideration by OPM’s Qualification Review Board (QRB) to become certified as members of the Internal Revenue Service corps of executives. Entry into the SES is based on performance, OPM certification, and the availability of positions. Selection into the Candidate Development Program is derived through an assessment of an applicant’s demonstrated leadership and technical competencies.

Apply for an SES CDP Position

You may apply online to participate in this program. Learn more about IRS 2010 SES CDP, and apply . [ IRS 2010 SES CDP ]

For additional information, please review our frequently asked questions. Or, contact us at irs.sescdp@irs.gov.

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