People with Disabilities

We believe in the abilities of all of our professionals — and, we're committed to hiring qualified individuals at all levels of our organization. Our goal at the IRS, as an employer of people with disabilities, is to be a model within the Federal Government and for companies in the private sector.

The IRS is not just about accounting. You can work with us in a variety of ways — in a field office, independently, reviewing tax audits and more. You can enjoy a flexible work schedule in many IRS jobs. No matter what position you hold here, whether full-time, part-time or seasonal, you work on behalf of the nation, helping to fund its economy.

Working at IRS also provides solid job security, a defined 40-hour work week and opportunities for you to make an immediate impact. You’ll also receive exceptional federal benefits, from competitive pay and comprehensive healthcare to a retirement fund and flexible spending accounts. Plus, you can take advantage of education opportunities that can help keep your career moving forward.

Schedule A Hiring Authority and the Application Process — Learn about the Special Appointing Authority which can help you apply for an IRS career.

Reasonable Accommodation — Learn about the IRS policy on the reasonable accommodation of your special needs.

Affinity Groups — Discover ways to interact with individuals who share your interests.

Employee Profiles – Meet some of our most interesting and dedicated employees: Darrell, Kent and Maria

World Services for the Blind and IRS — Find out what job skills training is available to our vision-impaired employees.

Sources of Interest — Locate an organization or network that can assist you in your career.

Schedule A Resume Portal — If you believe you qualify for a federal Schedule A excepted appointment, based on a qualifying disability, then this is the place for you. The IRS has established a special announcement process to help us match you with placement opportunities in the IRS when these occur.

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