Internal Revenue Agent - Job Series 0512

What is an Internal Revenue Agent?

As an Internal Revenue Agent your focus is on the determination of a taxpayer's correct tax liability. You will regularly work with taxpayers, their representatives, certified public accountants and attorneys. Internal Revenue Agents work in IRS field offices throughout the country in these divisions:

  • Small Business / Self-Employed Division
  • Large Business & International Division
  • Tax Exempt / Government Entities Division
  • Appeals Division
  • Taxpayer Advocacy Service
  • Chief Counsel

In our Small Business Division / Self-Employed Division, you will examine individuals and small businesses.

In our Tax-Exempt & Government Entities Division, you will ensure the tax compliance of charities, non-profits and state & local governments.

In our Large Business & International Division, you will work on large corporate cases.

Typical Non-Competitive Career Ladder

  • Grade 5 Trainee
  • Grade 7 Trainee
  • Grade 9 Trainee
  • Grade 11 Full Working Level

Potential Competitive Promotions

  • Grade 12 Specialist
  • Grade 13 Specialist or Analyst
  • Grade 14 Team Lead or Senior Analyst

Complete information on the federal salary schedule can be found at

How do I qualify?

To become an Internal Revenue Agent, you will need at least four years of either accounting education or accounting experience.

Both your education and experience must include at least 24 semester hours in accounting and an additional 6 semester hours in related subjects such as accounting, business law, economics, statistical/quantitative methods, computerized accounting or financial systems, financial management, or finance.

You can qualify with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certificate obtained through written examination in a state, territory or the District of Columbia.

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