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Seasonal Employment in CA, OR & WA

The Frenso Employment Office covers:

Employment Office
  • Fresno, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA
  • Tulare, CA

We have Term, Temporary and Career-Conditional positions with seasonal, intermittent, full-time and part-time work schedules.

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  • Types of Positions


    Fresno, CA - Clerk, Data Transcriber, Contact Representative, Mail & File Clerk, Financial Clerk, Cash Processing Clerk, Tax Examiner

    Portland, OR – Contact Representative, Clerk

    Seattle, WA – Contact Representative, Clerk

    Tulare, CA – Data Transcriber

  • Qualifications and Requirements


    For GS-2: 3 months general experience; OR a high school diploma / GED.

    For GS-3: 6 months general experience; OR 30 Semester Hours (SH) or 45 Quarter Hours (QH).

    For GS-4: 1 year general experience; OR an AS/AA Degree or completion of equivalent hours (SH or QH).

    For GS-5: Bachelor’s Degree or the equivalent hours (120 SH or 180 QH); OR 1 year of specialized experience in bookkeeping or accounting; OR a combination of education and experience.

    Note: A keyboard skills test is required for the Data Transcriber position.

    Other Requirements

    • Must be a U.S. Citizen to apply.
    • Identity Verification: Click here for info (14KB PDF*).
    • Background, tax and fingerprint checks are completed on all new employees.
    • Selective Service Registration for males born after 12/31/59 is required.
  • Benefits *


    • Competitive salaries
    • Paid Training
    • Casual work environment
    • Opportunities for advancement
    • At some locations: On-site cafeteria, credit union, child-care facility, fitness center, public transportation subsidy, and free parking

    *Shifts and benefits at each location may vary.

  • Appointment Types *


    • Term - are for a limited period of time lasting for more than one year, but not exceeding four years
    • Temporary - cover a designated period of time of one year or less
    • Career-Conditional - permanent employee

    *Shifts and benefits at each location may vary.

  • Work schedules *


    • Full-time - 40 hours per week
    • Part-time - 16-32 hours per week
    • Intermittent - no pre-set days or hours
    • Seasonal - Annually recurring periods of work of less than 12 months each year

    *Shifts and benefits at each location may vary.

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